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Freida Pinto Icons

A graphics community dedicated to Freida Pinto. ♥

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An Icon & Graphics community.

Welcome to freida_icons! ( as far as I know ) the first graphics community dedicated to Freida Pinto, the beautiful model/actress. She is currently best known for her role as Latika, from "Slumdog Millionaire". Feel free to join and spread the word! Any and all graphics that are related to her are welcome here. ♥

Before you begin to post, I would like you to have a read at the following rules, please:

001.) At least 3 icons when posting the teasers.
002.) Teasers must be related to Freida Pinto.
003.) More than 3 icons must be under a LJ cut or you may link back to your LJ icon/graphic entry. ( Click here if you don't know how. )
004.) You must follow the icon/graphic makers' rules.
005.) Icon requests are welcome, but please provide the image(s) you would like iconed.
006.) Hotlinking is not allowed.
007.) Crediting is mandatory.
008.) No advertising unless it is related to Freida Pinto.
009.) News or any kind of information regarding the actress is not to be posted here.
010.) You may post images of Freida. =)

Freida Images
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» freida-pinto.us
» freida-pinto.net
» freidapintofan.com
» freidapintoweb.com
» freidapinto_daily
» The Fashion Spot - Freida Pinto

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